Bicycle Outreach Project with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes


 Medicine Wheel Bicycle Project   


Sponsored by The Department of Human Resources of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and Free Cycles Missoula

Free Cycles is collaborating with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes this summer, (2017) to provide education and outreach to the reservation. We will be outfitting a gutted out school bus with stands, tools, parts, and bikes that will then serve at 10 different home sites. A combination of staff and volunteers will be available for 3 hour increments at different home sites, teaching people how to fix their bicycle and providing free bicycles for kids in need.

Includes Total of 10 Home Site Visits


Monday, June 19th

Arlee (10am-1pm)
St Ignatius (2pm-5pm)

Monday, June 26th

Pache (10am-1pm)
Woodcock (2pm-5pm)

Monday, July 10th

Hot Springs (10am-1pm)
Elmo (2pm-5pm)

Monday, July 24th

Westside (10am-1pm)
Turtle Lake (2pm-5pm)

Monday, July 31st

Across the Tracks (10am-1pm)

Maggie Ashley (2pm-5pm)

Other items:

The Bike Mobile will be stored in the Bullpen in Pablo.

Free Cycles volunteer and staff will need to record how many people are helped at each home site. This will help us analyze impact to better work with and serve the communities in the future. We will also take notes and feedback from attendees, including adults who may be in need of a bicycle.

In order to record or photograph anything during the workshops Free Cycles needs to fill out a form from Rob McDonald.

Sylvia's Store has a good stock of kid bicycle if we need to access them. It would be helpful to bring seats, grips, and shifter/brake cables to help Sylvia's Store. They also lack ability to true a wheel, so a truing stand would be very helpful.

Free Cycles is seeking an artist to paint the bus in order to make it more attractive and noticeable. Ideally this mural would be colorful and beautiful, with landscapes, people, animals, and bicycles. It would need to have an obvious name and include sponsored by the Department of Human Resources as well.