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Color Wheel: Rae Red's Puppetry Show

Drew Danberry & J.W. Teller + friends playing live music from 7-8:30pm

Puppet show begins at 8:45pm

Rae Red (Rae Anna Hample) is a multi-media artist, based out of Marfa, TX.

She combines personal narrative, with environmental justice, shadow puppetry, animation, & live singing to create jubilant performances.

Her work is playfully macabre, and often explores what it means to transform.


"WATER: A Dispatch from the Bottom of the Tub", a tale of water from polluted waterways to the bottom of the ocean, to the inside of ourbellies, the bathtub and beyond. Featuring shadow puppetry, stop-motion animation and song!

Water video


“Tyburn Tree”, A Shadow puppet “crankie” on an overhead projector.

"Honey- A Story of Bees", a multi-layered shadow puppet show.