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Cycles of Change Campaign Launch

Cycles of Change Campaign Kick-off Event is our launch event for Free Cycles' capital campaign to purchase the property its been renting for the past 11 years. It's official: leaving the silent phase of this campaign this week. To match the spirit of our organization, this event will consist of free activities all day and evening. The event is intended to help build energy around the campaign, bringing a variety of people from the community together to form a greater vision of our goals and how we will achieve them! Please feel free to stop by at any point to say hello, help out, partake in the fun, learn, etc.!

9am – Coffee & Brunch at the Shop: Local coffee shop catering some breakfast goodies and coffee! 

10am – Studded Tire Seminar: Free Cycles employees will show you how to stud your own bike tires! Bring your own tires or we will provide them here.

11am – Volunteer Power Hour: Come on over to the shop and help us out with some things we’ve been meaning to get to!

NOON – Spokes for Community Folks: Cycles of Change media event to release the message of our campaign to fellow Missoulians and more!

1pm – BikeWell: An introduction and overview of biking laws, street design, and bike maintenance!

2pm – Bike Jousting – Get on either side of a makeshift lance and ride against a friend or foe! 

3pm – Bicycle Stories of Glory: Come join us for biking story time in the shop!

4pm – Kids Bike Building and Giveaway: Kids 10 and under and their parents welcome to come into the shop and make and bike then take it home with you!

5pm – Recycled & Repurposed: Join us for craft time at the shop and make jewelry, wallets, campaign logos, or just decorate a bike! All materials provided!

6pm – Light Up Your Ride: Get some lights on your bike or help us decorate some bikes and and parades pieces for the Parade of Lights!

7pm – Bike Polo: Local Bike Polo Group will do a demonstration of how to play bike polo, and then everyone will have the chance to give it a go!

8pm – Bands and Brew: Local musicans and beer to kick off the new campaign, and afterwards a bike disco will head downtown!

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